Agents of Change

About 3% Realty

Roy Almog - Founding Broker.

Roy Almog is the founder and broker of 3% Realty Inc. While working full time in the Telecom industry, Almog dabbled in real estate investment – buying, renovating and renting in the Edmonton area. After numerous transactions and tens of thousands of dollars paid in REALTOR commissions, Almog realized the gap in the market for a full service Real Estate Brokerage, offering Multiple Listing Service (MLS) exposure without higher priced REALTOR commissions.

Almog keeps a finger on the pulse of the Canadian real estate market by actively engaging with both buyers and sellers on a daily basis. A recent client who had seen him on local television, was surprised to be greeted by Almog himself when she dialed the main office line to inquire about 3% Realty services. Yes, Almog answers each and every call that comes into his main office, offering clients and potential clients direct access to have their questions regarding 3% Realty answered promptly. Almog's top priority is client service and satisfaction and 3% Realty is rapidly expanding to continue to offer this superior service in additional areas.



Robert Dymont - Director of Franchising and Recruiting

Robert Dymont joined 3% Realty as the Director of Franchising & Recruiting, and has never looked back. Robert brings an impressive resume having developed and expanded some of the most well known real estate organizations in North America including RE/MAX, Sutton Group, and Realty World Corporation. Robert has an incredible track record for successfully identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities to drive revenue growth, expand market penetration and win dominant market share by creating innovative business opportunities. Robert is the perfect fit for the 3% Realty business model, as in real estate, he’s done nothing but overthrow the status quo for the past three decades.

Robert, who currently resides in Vancouver, BC played a general’s role in building RE/MAX in the mid to late ’80s, which drastically reshaped the way realtors operate by changing the way they earn commissions. Less than 30 years after it was born, RE/MAX was the top-selling realty firm in the world.

Dymont then took on the role of CEO of Sutton Group, leading that outfit from upstart to the No. 2 spot in Canada by again changing the rules of engagement by tweaking the way realtors are paid.
With his irrefutable reputation as a franchise builder, Robert has never been short of offers from entrepreneurs who think they’re the next game changer and want him to help them build their business. Yet for the past 13 years, since his last assignment ended – taking the top job at Realty World, a 15,000-agent international firm that he turned around and sold off in parts – he’s turned all these offers down; until joining 3% Realty. “Everyone else is trying to reinvent the wheel,” he says of the other entreaties he’s received from real estate entrepreneurs. “This is different; this is the future. Our timing is good.”
Robert couldn't agree with Roy Almog more, who said "20 years ago, there was no Internet, no BlackBerry's or iPhones. REALTORS had to use binders, pick a few listings they thought their clients would like, then drive them around. They earned their commissions. Today the typical client looks at the MLS themselves, drives by to look at the properties, and then calls the REALTOR if they want to go inside. Technology has made the job a lot easier, but the commission rates haven’t come down.” 


Give Where We Live

3% Realty strongly believes in giving where we live. We are committed to supporting the communities in which we conduct business, and proudly support those who make an effort to better those communities.

3% Realty donates a portion of our sales earnings to charity. We feel privileged to be a part of this great initiative to help our communities grow stronger and continue to make each community a better place to live.