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Listing Your Real Estate at the Right Price

The fundamental thing you must consider when selling your property is this. Are you selling it at the right price?

There are some sellers that like to ‘test the market’ and see how high they can go.  There are others that undervalue their property and price it too low.  Both situations are not ideal.

For instance, we know getting the most is important to both home seller (and buyer), which is why we know 3 Percent Realty Solution Winnipeg's commission structure is right for you.  It puts more money in your pocket.  We will guide you through the pricing decision for both buying and selling.  You may think your property is worth a certain figure but the market may not agree with you. And if it disagrees, your house might be sitting around for months without attracting a sale.  If it’s on the market long enough and you lower the price to attract a buyer, there may concerns from potential buyers to why the asking price was lowered.

Price your property too low and you lose out.  Even if you do price your property lower than similar properties on the market, what could happen is many buyers will show an interest and probably outbid each other through various offers. You may attract multiple offers and come close to the actual value of your home.  But you are taking the risk that other sellers may lower their asking price as well, and lose the edge you had over other properties.

So how do you price it just right? If you’re doing a self-valuation, have a look at what other houses like yours are going for - 3 Percent Realty Solution can help show you other Winnipeg real estate, and help you adjust asking price per the features of your sale property.

A well-presented property offering the right value for money, is your best formula to your successful home sale.