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Buy or sell your home with our low-commission REALTORs®. We save you money, spend more time with you, and offer extra real estate features that only 3% Realty can provide.

There are plenty of REALTORs® in Winnipeg, but only one 3% Realty. What makes us different than any other home sales professional in Winnipeg? We're real estate agents with low-commission rates, 3% to be exact, which saves you thousands of dollars on your property sale. There are no hidden fees, no extra charges, and no fine print. We're keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket.

Buying A Home In Winnipeg?

We work for you for FREE! Our experienced professionals have access to the best technology so you can find the home you've always dreamed of owning. Our team of dedicated REALTORs® won't stop hustling til you're happy.

Selling a Home In Winnipeg?

Our clock doesn't stop. Through email, virtual assistants, and other communication tools, we're a company who works tirelessly 24/7 to market and sell your property while saving you money to put towards other areas of your life like renovations, travel, or furniture.

Why Choose 3% Realty?

We know you have your choice at a handful of real estate companies in Winnipeg, but with our dedication, ability to save you money on your home sale, and extra convenient features like professional photography, digital marketing, and full exposure on real estate listing sites, we hope you choose us to be your devoted agents.

At 3% Realty, we do things differently. We're a business built on trust, integrity, and hard work and aside from helping people like you buy and sell their homes, building strong relationships is what we do best. We're different because we don't just sell property as a job, we sell them because it's what we love to do.

What’s Included With Your Listing?

  • Full Suite of REALTOR® Services
  • Marketing on Digital Platforms Like Social Media & Websites
  • Full Exposure on the MLS®
  • 3% Commission On The Selling Price Of Your Home
  • Professional Real Estate Photography
  • Great Service At No Extra Cost

How Our Commission Structure Saves You Cash

Take a look at this chart to see how you'll save plenty of cash during a home sale:
See Our Commission Chart

All Of Our Listings Receive

Full Suite of REALTOR® Services
Extensive Digital Marketing
Our Commission Rate is Simply 3% of the Selling Price of Your Home
Professional Photography
Full Exposure on the MLS® System
We Believe Quality and Value Can Go Hand-In-Hand
We Believe that Great Service Shouldn't Come at a Great Expense
No Additional Charges, No Hidden Fees, No Fine Print. Just 3% Commission.

We're All Fully Licensed REALTORS®

3% commission, still means you receive 100% Realtor® service from our team of experienced professionals.


We Use The Web To Your Full Advantage

In addition to the MLS® system, 3% Realty offers an exclusive, mobile optimized listing search and display for all our customers. This means better search visibility, and more viewers of your listing.

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We use a simplified flat-rate commission model to save you thousands of dollars in commission fees compared to the standard 5% commission used by other agencies. No hidden fees, no difference in services. Just 3%.


We make sure we get your good side!

The difference between some quick photos taken with a smartphone, and those taken by a pro with the right lenses, the right light, and a skillfull eye for detail can make all the difference when selling your home.

Every 3% listing includes a photo session with a professional real estate photographer. These photos are then used for your online listing, and for high quality printed materials in the promotion of your property.


Full MLS® System Exposure

All 3% Realty Listings are posted on, using your professionally produced photography and a complete property profile.

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Who says you only get what you pay for?

When it comes to the best value, and the best quality of service - there is no need for compromise. You can have it all for 3% commission.


We're Here For More Than Our Commission.

3% Realty is committed to selling your home for the best price. Great service for a great price is our bottom line. 


We'll say it again: it's just 3%

We're often asked what the other fees are, and the answer is as simple as as our commission. There aren't any. You receive professional licensed REALTOR® service, professional photography, maximum online search exposure and high quality print brochures for one flat commission.

We help people and homes find each other

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