8 things you didn’t know put buyers off real estate

How many properties should you view before buying? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s completely up to the individual buyer. The buyer has control.When you’re selling, you have much less control and it can make you the vulnerable party in this transaction. Estimates out there are that people may look at between 10 and 50 properties before they settle on the one they want to buy. But I suppose you can’t blame buyers for being fussy. Its one of the biggest purchases they’ll be making in their life.

So, to stop potential buyers turning their noses up at your property, it’s worth knowing what puts them off.

Here are eightthingsyou didn’t know put buyers off real estate.

  • Strange owners
    Buyers are often told to look past defects in a property, through to the potential. It’s therefore probably surprising they may not be able to see past the quirks in the current owners. Especially as they won’t be buying them or any of the other non-permanent features in the house. Perhaps play down the eccentricities.
  • A death in the property
    There is very little you can do about it if there has been a death in the property. But to avoid freaking viewers out, you could perhaps keep the fact on the down low.
  • Single-glazed windows
    Double glazing is important and almost a given for any modern property. If there is only single glazing it could potentially put people off because double-glazing is expensive to install from scratch. So, if you notice a lot of comments about the windows or the draft, it’s an investment you may want to consider making for the sake of the sale.
  • No central heating
    Remember winters in Canada are cold. Central heating is a necessity for some and when people are looking at that many properties, lack of heating could prompt a big fat cross against your property.
  • Ugly carpet
    Too much need for modernisation could put people off if they want arelatively hassle free transition. It may also mean it distracts them from realising the potential of a place. Naturally buyers want to put their own mark on a property when they eventually go in. Instead of the old fashioned swirly patterned carpet, make your rooms a blank canvas for them.
  • Dirt
    Don’t tidy up much? Try for the newbies. Buyers do not want to buy badly maintained properties, particularly if it means they perceive more work for themselves. For instance, who’s going to be scrubbing off that lime scale build up or mould when they move in?
  • Mess
    Even cleanliness may not be enough if your space is cluttered and looks messy. Overgrown gardens for instance may put people off. As may untidy rooms. It could be perceived as a sign of neglect and may send off warning bells that there could be further underlying issues as well.
  • Inappropriate renovations
    There may have been a couple of tweaks you made to your house that seemed like good idea at the time. Getting rid of your other car along with that fact you have curb-side parking meant you didn’t think you really needed the garage and so turned it into your own home cinema. Your buyer may want the garage.

This should show you just how important getting your home sale-ready is. It can bea competitive market out there so, any little thing could go against you. These common reasons for turning property down are completely manageable however, to keep your home appealing for buyers.