Spring Makeover

How to use Summer to up your curb appeal

All of our seasons have advantages to up the curb appeal of your home. Fall, Winter and Spring have their own charms and Summer has its own set of rules too.

The other added benefit to Summer however, is it's not only the perfect time to tidy up your home, but it's the best time to show them off too.

Here are a few tips on how to use Summer to up your curb appeal before selling your home.

Tending to your front lawn

One big advantage Summer has is that the weather is warm and in Canada its really about making the most of that. Tending to your front lawn for example. And for a house that's on the market, the lawn needs to be in great shape.

Key tips to bear in mind when doing so is to cut the grass so it's all one length. Get rid of any weeds and use a trimmer to make sure the edges are neat.

Give the grass a good watering on a regular basis, particularly if it's looking a little arid because of the dryer climes.

Finally, add some lovely flowers. You can head to the garden centre to get a ready to plant set rather than planting the seeds and waiting for them to grow. Then you can bask in the glory of your newly bloomed lawn much quicker.

Wash the Driveway

Most people give the driveway a good sweep but seldom think about washing it.

Throughout the year it will have born rain, snow and wind bringing all kinds of debris sticking to the surface. Once in while it's nice to wipe the slate clean as it were and use a high pressure washer to get it back to its original state.

Give your front door a makeover

It might have already occurred to you to put a new coat of paint on the front door. But there's no need to stick to the same color. Pick a shade that stands out and think about any other ways to spruce it up with perhaps a new shiny knocker or set of brass numbers.

If you have any other exterior fittings that have been painted previously, it's a good time all round to consider repainting anything on the outside.

Clear away the mess

We're not just talking about making sure the washing up is done or putting the kids' toys away. 

Look for all the clutter on the outside of your home. Your garbage can for instance might stick out like a sore thumb and you may have a rickety old runaround that's frankly getting a little embarrassing.

Find a more discreet spot for anything that seems like clutter. For instance, you can pop your garbage can by the side of your house or pop the run-down runaround in the garage, out of sight. If there's a lot of tools around, consider installing a shed. Its worth it if it gets you a good sale.

Add new light fixture

A subtle addition to the exterior is to invest in some well designed, new light fixtures.

Choose chrome, or clear glass and some new brighter bulbs. Or else have a go at cleaning and repainting your existing light fixtures yourself. A spray paint along with some masking tape will usually do the trick, which you can pick up from your local hardware store.

Make those windows sparkle

As with everything, rain, snow and the rest of the elements can make your windows appear a little dingy.

Get your exterior windows cleaned to add an extra bit of shine. Note, this usually involves cleaning the inside of your windows too.

If you're adventurous you can approach your top windows yourself with a ladder. Otherwise, window cleaning services are usually quite inexpensive.