Spring Makeover

6 Ideas from Pinterest for a Spring Makeover for your Home

As Spring comes in, get the most of the new season by internalising it into your home.

Don't fret, this doesn't need a complete overhaul to your interior, just a few additions and tweaks to encompass the cheery new season.

Check out these ideas from Pinterest for some inspiration.

A bright rug or throw provides an instant injection of Spring

Choose Spring colours like a duck egg blue, yellow or bring in some floral motives for a real sense of season.

Update your artwork

Do you ever get the sense when you're walking into a familiar room that something has changed but you can't quite put your finger on it. Giving people the sense of something new and fresh without letting go of your signature style could be achieved by refreshing your artwork. If you don't have any, Spring is the perfect time to buy some. If you have a pretty decent collection already, add a new piece. Even better, refresh what you have with a few new frames.

Revamp your horizontal view

One part of the house that's often neglected in a makeover process is the ceiling. Decor on the ceiling goes far further than a nice chandelier or spotlights. If you want a bold Spring makeover, consider adding a statement ceiling. This can be done on a fairly low budget as well with a simple lick of paint. Look for inspiration on what kind of new ceiling would look good in your house.

Organize your clutter

One thing Spring is synonymous with is decluttering and reorganization. And it's a fairly therapeutic process, like getting rid of a heavy load that's been weighing you down. What's more, it can be fun. Think outside the box on ways to reorganize your 'stuff' and take plenty of inspiration from your Pinterest peers.

Diversify your bed

Another low intensity method of tackling your bedroom and giving it a little sprucing up is by updating your bed decor. A patterned headboard for instance can make an instant difference. Or else opt for some luxurious bedding so you're not just updating, you're upgrading.


Remember you don't have to get rid of everything you're tired of in Spring. You can make something seem new with a little bit of upcycling. Paint your cabinets, reupholster an old chair or add a little shabby chic to a chest of drawers. This is a perfect cost effective way for a Spring makeover.