Painting the Exterior of Your House

There are a number of reason to paint your house and not just the inside of it. From time to time the exterior of your house needs a little maintenance too. Not least to enhance your property’s curb appeal when it comes to selling it. It is however a bigger endeavour than just choosing a paint color and getting stuck in. Here’s how to make the best job out of painting the exterior of your house.

When’s the right time?

It could be blatantly obvious when your exterior needs painting. At other times the signs may be subtle. Here are some indications as to when you should be painting your house’s exterior:

  • If you see paint peeling off.
  • If the colour of the existing paint is fading.
  • If you have stains on the exterior.
  • If the paint makes your house look like it belongs back in the 1950s.

If you’re undecided, ask your realtor® and they could advise whether to undertake the job or not.

Which Colour?

Bear in mind the fourth reason for painting your house. Don’t choose a dated color to paint with, or one that will be considered dated in years to come. In fact, you may want to go for something fairly neutral so it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. Here are some other things to consider:

  • What color are your neighbors’ houses and the surrounding environment.
  • It has to match the type of home you have. If your home is clearly of a certain era, a very modern take may not complement it.
  • Test out any colors you are considering on a small portion of the house before committing to painting the whole thing.


Neverpaint your house in the rain. As such keep an eye on the weather and weather forecasts as well. Likewise it is best not to paint when it is very hot or very cold as this may impact how the paint dries. And cover your garden and paving with tarpaulin or some other covering to stop paint from damaging the rest of your exterior.

Then prep the boards of your house’s exterior by doing the following:

  • Scrape off all the old paint.
  • Wash the boards to get rid of mould and dirt.
  • Remove any nails from the outside and fill the holes.
  • Sand down the boards.
  • Re-clean the house.
  • Put on a layer of primer.
  • Start painting.

The whole job is a substantial one and needs some preparation but the results are worth the effort to ensure your house sells for the right price.